Monday, December 28, 2015

"Me" Mondays!

Comfy & Cute
Fashion is a form of expression.  Everyone who knows me knows that "Me" Monday is a National Holiday for me. On this R&R day, fashion takes a direct turn toward comfy, cute and cozy. These are the days to bring out the flannel pj's, fuzzy socks, headbands, hats, sweats and any other casual comfy garments. "Me" Mondays are made for reading, t.v., mani's, pedi's, naps, lunch for one, and salmon for dinner. The day is always topped off with a rigorous Zumba, kick-boxing, or Acro-fitness class. Over the years, Mondays have come to be my favorite, most anticipated day of the week!


Chill Mode

Pretty in Pink