Monday, June 20, 2016

Lovely in Lace


Such a feminine, light, stylish way to look good and stay cool and wrinkled free in the summer.

Lace garments are classic, and never go out of style. They are the next , must have staple to buy after the little black dress, black blazer and perfect fitting jeans.

The texture of lace goes well with almost any other fabric, including leather, cotton, rayon and more lace.

So put on your favorite lace piece, and enjoy the warm weather looking lovely in lace!!

Salmon lace high waist short
 Putting on a cute lace dress is quick, convenient, and also can be dressed up or down ( depending on the accessories and shoes). Pair it with heels, and you are ready for a night on the town. Put on a cute pair of flats or sandals, and you are ready to head out to work, play or run errands.

Cream and black lace dress

Salmon lace crop top
 If you have a lace top, be sure to pair it with a colorful tank under garment. You can also add a little edge to it by layering it underneath a light blazer or another textured shirt.

White lace dress with oval hole in back

Black and nude lace pencil skirt with ruffle tule in back
Hot pink lace crop shirt and matching skirt

Black lace ballerina skirt
A lace skirt or shorts can be relaxed with a casual shirt, or glammed up with a silk, or button up shirt. Most lace skirts and shorts already come with an attached under skirt, so no need to layer.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Pop of color"!

What does the term "pop of color" really mean?
Just that............a POP of color that punches up on an outfit that is either not colorful,  uninteresting or just plain blah.
You can punch up an outfit with a purse, shoes, hat, lipstick, nail polish, hair or jewelry "pop of color"
Don't be afraid to go bright, bold and/ or contrast when displaying your "pop of color"
A "pop of color" can brighten your look, and possibly your day!
Add a splash of color with a multi-colored hat. Brightens up a black outfit!

Add a bright pink blouse to a basic pair of jeans to spruce things up!

Add a lime green purse to a grey outfit to punch things up! Also notice the punch of lime green color on the sleeve and wait band of the sweater!

Men can add a distinguished "pop of color" to any outfit with a bright, colorful blazer, shirt or tie!

Brighten up a rainy day with a bright, teal pair of leggins!
Pop out those lips with a bright red lipstick! Adds color to any outfit!

What better way to brighten up your look and day, than with a sunburst colored pair of shoes!

Monday, February 29, 2016


What better way to spruce up an outfit than to accessorize! A really amazing necklace can be just the statement piece, to do the job. Popular ones today are the curtain falls, hearts, tassles, beaded and chain links. 
Your neckline garment dictates which length necklace you would choose. If you have a rounded boat collar, you would want to elongate it with a longer, chain.
A V-neck collar calls for a medium length necklace that ends nicely in the middle of the V. Beaded, link chains and chokers compliment this neckline well. 
If your chosen outfit is conservative, choose a statement necklace that is larger and bolder in size and color.
If your chosen outfit makes its own statement, tone down the accessory with a delicate thin, simple necklace.
Costume jewelry is a great go to for quick, stylish affordable accessorizing. Be sure to include golds, silvers, bright colors, pastels and neons.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Handbags & shoes..........what to do?

Light brown bag paired with mustard yellow pumps

 In fashion, do we still have to follow the old style belief of matching your purse to your shoes?


Today's fashion has done away with those restrictive rules.

Depending on the outfit, it is a great fashion statement to mix and match your shoe and purse colors.

When sporting browns, tans or beige, shoes or bags, mustard yellows, golds, or neutrals will complement nicely.

Carrying a multi-colored purse of silver, grey and black? A grey, silver or black shoe will complement the outfit. Because the bag is somewhat busy, be sure to keep the colors of the outfit simple, basic and toned down.

Same rule applies for a wild leopard purse pattern. Your shoes can add a burst of vibrant color like orange, red, green and pink. If the shoes are leopard, make sure the purse pops the vibrant color. Remember, too much leopard print overdoes it. Make a decision on whether or not the leopard will roar from the outfit, bag, shoes, hat or other accessory. Pick one!

Lastly, have fun with your shoes and bags. Match a pastel pump with a bright purse, or vice versa.  Also, mix and match the textures and fabrics. It's perfectly okay to wear a patent leather purse with a suede shoe, a suede purse with a leather shoe, or anything in between.

 The more busy the outfit pattern and colors, the more simple and basic the purse and handbag, and vice versa.  Experiment, explore, express yourself and have fun!

Grey, silver and black leather bag paired with grey suede pumps

Suede leopard handbag paired with suede orange peep toe pumps

Pale pink peep toe leather pumps paired with emerald green leather handbag

Sunday, January 24, 2016


What is a bootie? It's a boot that comes to your ankle.
How do you wear a bootie? It's best worn with a skinny leg jean or pant tucked inside.
It also works with leg warmers, leggins, jeggins, or with an opaque stocking and a cute dress or skirt.
Booties are great for those chilly winter days, when you want to be warm and chic.
Booties are a fun way to spruce up your outfits with an array of colors, embellishments, textures, laces, buckles, and/or zippers.
Perfect early fall, fall and winter fancy footwear for everyone.
Simply Bootieful!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Evening bags

Should an evening bag only be carried in the evening? Absolutely not. Proper style etiquette for an evening bag should be based on the outfit and said event. If the event is defined as "formal", "black tie" or "dressy", you should grab a cute clutch, or small shoulder bag.
If the outfit is fancy enough to stand on its own, then, a small, simple purse will be sufficient. However, if the outfit needs a little more pizzazz, punch of color, or a sparkly touch, add a larger, more embellished style. Let the bag make the statement.
I love the versatility of a clutch that has a detachable chain, wrist or arm strap. This also affords you the opportunity to enjoy the evening hands free, to dine or dance.

Evening Bags
Color, texture, sequins, and tassels, all add pizzazz to a "formal" look. Long gone are the basic, boring evening bags of the past. Have fun, and look great doing it!