Monday, February 29, 2016


What better way to spruce up an outfit than to accessorize! A really amazing necklace can be just the statement piece, to do the job. Popular ones today are the curtain falls, hearts, tassles, beaded and chain links. 
Your neckline garment dictates which length necklace you would choose. If you have a rounded boat collar, you would want to elongate it with a longer, chain.
A V-neck collar calls for a medium length necklace that ends nicely in the middle of the V. Beaded, link chains and chokers compliment this neckline well. 
If your chosen outfit is conservative, choose a statement necklace that is larger and bolder in size and color.
If your chosen outfit makes its own statement, tone down the accessory with a delicate thin, simple necklace.
Costume jewelry is a great go to for quick, stylish affordable accessorizing. Be sure to include golds, silvers, bright colors, pastels and neons.

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