Saturday, January 9, 2016

Evening bags

Should an evening bag only be carried in the evening? Absolutely not. Proper style etiquette for an evening bag should be based on the outfit and said event. If the event is defined as "formal", "black tie" or "dressy", you should grab a cute clutch, or small shoulder bag.
If the outfit is fancy enough to stand on its own, then, a small, simple purse will be sufficient. However, if the outfit needs a little more pizzazz, punch of color, or a sparkly touch, add a larger, more embellished style. Let the bag make the statement.
I love the versatility of a clutch that has a detachable chain, wrist or arm strap. This also affords you the opportunity to enjoy the evening hands free, to dine or dance.

Evening Bags
Color, texture, sequins, and tassels, all add pizzazz to a "formal" look. Long gone are the basic, boring evening bags of the past. Have fun, and look great doing it!

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  1. Great suggestion! I love a clutch that has a strap or small handle so that I can keep it with me without being concerned with where I misplaced it!