Monday, February 8, 2016

Handbags & shoes..........what to do?

Light brown bag paired with mustard yellow pumps

 In fashion, do we still have to follow the old style belief of matching your purse to your shoes?


Today's fashion has done away with those restrictive rules.

Depending on the outfit, it is a great fashion statement to mix and match your shoe and purse colors.

When sporting browns, tans or beige, shoes or bags, mustard yellows, golds, or neutrals will complement nicely.

Carrying a multi-colored purse of silver, grey and black? A grey, silver or black shoe will complement the outfit. Because the bag is somewhat busy, be sure to keep the colors of the outfit simple, basic and toned down.

Same rule applies for a wild leopard purse pattern. Your shoes can add a burst of vibrant color like orange, red, green and pink. If the shoes are leopard, make sure the purse pops the vibrant color. Remember, too much leopard print overdoes it. Make a decision on whether or not the leopard will roar from the outfit, bag, shoes, hat or other accessory. Pick one!

Lastly, have fun with your shoes and bags. Match a pastel pump with a bright purse, or vice versa.  Also, mix and match the textures and fabrics. It's perfectly okay to wear a patent leather purse with a suede shoe, a suede purse with a leather shoe, or anything in between.

 The more busy the outfit pattern and colors, the more simple and basic the purse and handbag, and vice versa.  Experiment, explore, express yourself and have fun!

Grey, silver and black leather bag paired with grey suede pumps

Suede leopard handbag paired with suede orange peep toe pumps

Pale pink peep toe leather pumps paired with emerald green leather handbag


  1. Amazing blog entry hon! Excellent tips and insight! Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Lee! Your support and encouragement keeps me going! xoxo

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  3. Love your combinations, Ruth! It's always helpful having a visual of your suggestions. Very pretty!

    1. Thanks Brenda! I am a visual person, so I must see it along with listening to or reading it. Fashion is Fun!